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A-Line Knit Maxi Dress (Classic)

DIY A-Line Knit Max Dress

I don’t know who truly invented the maxi dress, but I am so grateful for them.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  You are a genius.  Now, I know they have credited a designer with this fashion invention, but come on.  That’s like saying I invented the maxi dress, just because I made a maxi dress.  There’s nothing new in fashion.  I’m sorry.  But nothing.  Someone has done it before you did it, believe that.  I don’t care who debuted it first, or claimed they invented it, let’s be real.  I digress. DIY A-Line Knit Max Dress Anywho, I am not sure how many times the maxi has made its way around the block, but I am so grateful it showed up again, in full effect, over 10 years ago, and has not lost its luster.  A pure favorite of mine, whether skirt or dress.  I just love them.

I remember when my sister first bought some, [several] and I thought, really?  Do you really need all of these?  But hindsight 20/20, yes!  She needed them all!  Heck, I needed them all!  And if I had bought them, I would not have parted with any of mine.  Period. I even had to borrow one of her lovely dresses for a wedding I was in.  At the time I didn’t ahve any.  Thank goodness she had so many.

So, let’s talk about this maxi.  Honestly, this is a throwback because I made this maxi years ago, and have made it many times since then.  It was just sunny enough for me to wear it this year, and I did.  That is one of the benefits I love about sewing; you can make what you like, when you like.  And when you find something you really like, like this maxi for example, you can make it as many times as you want, using as many different fabrics as you deem necessary.  I have to smile when I think about what I just said, because it is so true.  If you love it, make it, and then make it again, until you get satisfied.  And this dress is super easy because it is basically a front, a back. and a neckband. I didn’t even use bands for the sleeves.  Just turned them under and hemmed them.  And you get all of this gloriousness from so little work.  I mean, look how cute it is!

Now, normally I talk about the pattern, and the fabric, the ease of the project, and what I love about it.  But considering this was made some time ago, I will just talk about what I love about this dress, and why I decided to feature it today.  I will mention that it is a store bought pattern, although it could easily be made just by tracing a t-shirt and giving it some ease on the sides and length on the bottom.  Lots of people who sew simply make clothes by tracing clothes they already have.  Some people never use store bought patterns.  I, like the versatility of doing both.  At least until I get comfortable truly making my own patterns.

I love the movement of this dress.  It’s fabulous, although this is a very casual dress. I wore it with some sandals, but it is perfect for some sneaks.  I also like the roominess of the dress, which is what makes it so incredibly comfortable.  It covers everything I want it to cover and I feel “cool” in it.  The fullness at the bottom is bordering on elegant, in my opinion, and with a bolder color, it would be completely eye catching.  Say, a hot pink, red, or even white.  I guess you could belt it, but why bother.  It’s perfect by itself.  You just don’t need much to make this look good.

In closing, I know this post was a little different, but I will probably be writing about this dress again.  It’s spring, and I have to make it again, so no eye rolling when I repost.  Until next time . . . .  Let’s make life better, one project at a time.  And have a stone cold blast doing it!

To hide hatred is to be a liar; . . . . . . . . Proverbs 10:18 NLT

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    How do we get the pattern to sew the dress? Thanks

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