2023 African Fabric DIY Dress

African Print Dress No. 2. Butterick B6897 Modified Dejavue

Butterick B6897 Modified African Print Dress www.sewzaizay.com

Hello Everyone. I hope you are having the most wonderful Sunday imaginable. We have received some much needed rain today, which surprisingly, included some large hail, and now that we have had a couple of bouts of that, everything looks, feels and smells refreshed and renewed.

As you know, my husband went out of the country a few months ago, and brought me back some really great African fabrics.  Yay husband.  This is my second make from that fabric. So let’s get into this make. This is Butterick B6897. A little dejavue there. Yes, it is the same pattern I used for my first African Print Dress No. 1, but I changed the skirt. Here is the first dress I made from this pattern, in case you missed my last post. African Print Dress No. 1. I think my first dress was a little fancier, more ruffles and tiers, but this one is equally as cute.

So, as you know from my last post, this pattern is actually a tiered top pattern, but I modified it to make a dress instead of a top. Here is the pattern. Butterick B6897 I modified the collar to make it a little bigger, and then only made one long tier instead of two the way I did with Dress No. 1. I found some cute gold buttons and added a belt made from the fabric. It turned out so good, and I wore it on my birthday to lunch with my daughter. I liked the length from the previous dress, so I made this dress approximately the same length. One of the many benefits about sewing my own clothes is that if I make something, and I really like it, I can make it over and over and over again. And so can you. No one wants to make clothes they don’t love. This is definitely my style and I will wear this dress many times.

Now, of course, the fabric is just lovely.  (Lovely is a word my friend Leslie uses a lot.)  I really like the print and the colors. I have been told that blue is my color, although I don’t wear it often. But everyone knows I love the color mustard and this print has a nice sprinkling of mustard in it, so I love that. Plus the print was not so big that it was cumbersome or unmanageable to work with.  The fabric itself is so easy to work with and you can make almost anything fashionable with it, as well as bags, and stuff for the home. It sews up effortlessly and is just fun to work with. Very crisp when ironed and the final look is always good because of the beautiful endless prints.  Here are a few more pics.

I am looking forward to posting my 3rd make from my fabric. Hopefully, I will get an opportunity to post it soon. I am actually working on Number 4.

That’s a wrap for now, but I can’t wait to show you a new project, pattern, or DIY something. Thank you for allowing me to share my second make with my African fabric gifted to me by my sweet husband. Leave a comment and please “Like” if you like. I love sewing, and I love sharing my projects with you. Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so. You can subscribe below. Until next time, I will be making my life better, one project at a time, and I hope you do the same. Thank you for your support.

Lack of nourishment and attention will kill the plants . . . . . . . and the relationship.  Common doggone sense. 

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  1. Jallah zaizay says:

    I aways knew that u had talent in sewing n my advice is keep pressing on .

    1. Thank you Jallah. I really appreciate your encouragement and your support.

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