Butterick B6176 Lace Kimono and Blue and White Knit Kimono

Butterick B6176 Striped Knit Kimono

This is Butterick B6176.  Here is a link to the pattern.  Butterick B6176  I made View C and D.  D, but with C sleeves. I cut a size large. I wanted to make a sleeveless but decided to just make the sleeves. I will make the sleeveless later on this season and hopefully add the fringes or some kind of embellishment on the hem.  This pattern is truly an easy pattern and is great for beginners.  It is basically 3 pieces.  It comes together so easily and you will be wearing your duster in no time at all.

So what’s a kimono?  A kimono is a Japanese  style robe/dress made from silk, rayon, or linen, and worn by women and men.  The lengths and fabrics for the modern day kimono vary greatly, with a lot less detail in the garment.  These days, we like to keep it simple.  A kimono is basically T shaped with wide sleeves.  The sleeves are one of the main differences between a kimono and a duster.  Most dusters have a normal sleeve.  But I have seen an item referred to as a “kimono duster.”

A light summer duster will have a certain flow.  So when choosing the fabric for your duster, you need to keep in mind that you want a certain flow to get the full effortless effect that you want.  This pattern suggests knit, linen, polyester, cotton lace, satin, challis and sweater knit.  Depending on the season, all of these are great fabric suggestions.

The dusters I made are made from a cotton lace and a blue and white striped knit.  Of the two, the knit duster definitely has the best flow.  The lace duster is a bit stiffer, because of the fabric, and I do wish it was a little bit more fluid.  But having said that, I am still satisfied with both. I was just using what fabric I already had for both dusters.  Rayon is a great fabric for a duster, and just about any knit fabric or a polyester blend will give you a beautiful flow.

Like dresses, jeans, shoes, jewelry, and bags, you can never have enough dusters.  Oh my goodness!  They make everything look better.  You can top off anything with a cute duster.  Shorts, jeans, a dress, a t-shirt.  Or even a bodysuit if you have the body for it.  Doesn’t matter, throwing a duster over your look will just add a special kick to it.  Don’t believe me, pick up a magazine, or go to Pinterest and check out all of the great looks that can be had, just by adding a duster.  And if you made your duster, well, that’s the bonus!

The dress I wore under the duster was a diy as well.  A very simple strapless dress.  I have made this several times as well.  Very easy and versatile and it always works.

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