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Butterick B6897 Modified African Print Dress
DIY Dress Pattern Sewing

African Print Dress No. 1 Butterick B6897 – Modified

  Hello beautiful and crafty people.  My husband went out of the country a few months ago, and brought me back some really great African fabrics when he returned.  While he was there, we were able to get on a video chat which allowed me to see the shop and some of the fabrics, and I had a real hand …

Simplicity S9141 Peacock Print
DIY Fashion Pattern Sewing

Simplicity 9141 Cotton Peacock Bohemian Sundress

I can’t say enough good about this sundress. It is Simplicity S9141.  Here is a link to the pattern. Simplicity S9141 It is the perfect summer dress and my style completely. I love bohemian style dresses, skirts, tops, and the more tiers the better. When I bought this pattern, I thought, okay, this is going to be really easy. There were …