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DIY Cargo Pants with Elastic Waist and Leg

DIY Cargo Pants

Who doesn’t love a good cargo pant?  I  have several pair of cargo pants that I have had for more than ten years. I have worn them often and they are starting to get a little worn out.  I drafted these pants from an old pattern I previously drafted for some wide leg linen pants, with some adjustments, of course.

The fabric is a crepe pumpkin, orange, tan colored mixture, of which its origin currently escapes me.  It has been in the stash for a while, and though a dress was the original intent for this, I thought the cargo pants would be great for this cut of fabric.  Not only because of the obvious drape, but because of the awesome color.  Plus, making them would help me in getting over my fear of making my own pants.

I have always been a little intimidated by making my own pants, and have very few at this point that I have made, aside from some linen pants I made a few years ago. They turned out really good because of the pattern I drafted, but I have still been very timid in pursuing this particular article of clothing.  My reluctance has literally bordered on absolute terror.  If you are a seamstress, or DIY sewing enthusiast, like myself, you know exactly what I mean.  I will venture with a dress all day, but when it comes to making pants, the fear sets in and I get terrified.  I have taken several courses, have even purchased several books, and I am still quite dismissive with pant making.  I am hoping to completely conquer this fear in the next coming months.  My hope is that when I start taking the process more seriously, I will wonder where the fear came from in the first place.

What I am learning, however, especially in my own situation, is that it is probably better for me to draft my own pants pattern than to buy a pants pattern and then modify it, which I will inevitably have to do if I want them to fit. I have tried the pants thing enough to know that they likely will not fit if I make them straight from the pattern.  I am also learning to dismiss any altering information regarding modifying a pattern that does not apply to my particular body.  The instructor gives the instructions to modify any pants fitting situation, and by the time I review it all, I am so disoriented, disgruntled, and dumbfounded by the abundance of information, most of which I am learning does not apply to me, that I just tune it out and go make a dress! Once you make your own patterns using your measurements, in most cases, the pants will turn out okay.  Anyway, that is an ongoing learning process for me, and I will keep you posted.


Back to these cargo pants.  I paired this with a rayon button down shirt, but if the weather were warmer, they would look really good with a ribbed tank, or a t-shirt.  I could also pair with a cardigan or other sweater.  Many options with these pants as far as styling and also fabric choices.  Velvet would be a good choice for a winter cargo pant.  What I like most about these pants is the fabric.  It drapes perfectly.  I also like the large pockets on the sides, which I will likely never use, but it makes the pants look really good.  I like that like most cargos, they can be dressed up or down.  If I changed anything the next time I make them, (and I will) I will likely make something a little more fitted.

DIY Cargo Pants

Bottom line, I am very happy with how these turned out.  In parting, please leave your comments. I love reading them.  And if you have not done so please consider subscribing.

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  1. I like the cargo pants, they also look very comfortable. You are talented.

    1. Thank you. They are comfortable.

    2. Thank you Leslie. I can see you really understand the pants thing. Most people cannot wear them straight from the pattern without revisions. Very few can skip the alteration part. Which is why people shy away from making them. Ps. I bet your cargo capris were super cute.

  2. Leslie says:

    I love those cargo pants! Coincidentally, the only pair of pants I have ever made were a pair of capris cargo pants when I was 13. They somehow turned out well and I got a lot of compliments on them, but I never tried making pants again! I applaud you for challenging yourself to overcome your fear of making pants. You’re very good at it!

  3. Debbie Hammer says:

    I love these! I’m definitely intimidated by pants. The color choices are great too.

    1. Thank you Debbie.

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