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DIY Denim Tote From Old Jeans. Part 2

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DIY Denim Tote Bag

I found this really great Denim Tote Bag DIY tutorial on Youtube.  Here is the link.  DIY Denim Tote Tutorial  This is a really great tutorial, and the bag turned out pretty good.  I made the bag for my sister for her birthday in March, and I plan to make one for myself with a few modifications.

I won’t go through the hows because Wandee Easy Sewing on YouTube does an excellent job on the tutorial, but I will talk a little bit about the process and the outcome.

First, it was time-consuming because I kept having to go back to get the measurements for the pieces.  If you are considering making this.  Watch the whole video first.  It is best to write down all of the measurements, and the pieces you want to cut from the beginning.  This will save you a lot of time.  I spent way too much time with this because I did not think to write down the measurements first.  For example, write how many light and dark pieces of each one you want/need.  I made mine almost exactly the way she made hers, but when I make it again, I will change a few things.  But because it was my first time, it took a little longer.

The fabric is just some blue jeans that I already had and could not wear anymore.  If you have some old Levi’s or thick jeans with no stretch, I would use those.  Most of my jeans have stretch, so I purchased a pair of big men’s jeans from thrift to make sure I had the right kind of denim for the bag. Again, I would not use a jean with stretch.  The sturdier the denim, the better. Wrangler, Men’s Levi’s.  Basically, sturdy denim.

My sister’s birthday was in March and I wanted to make her something special.  I am always looking for an opportunity to be crafty, so this was a good enough reason for me.  So, I had been eyeballing this bag for a while and really wanted to make it for myself.  But the best gifts are the ones you really want for yourself but you give to someone else.

This diy video is really good.  No guessing and the person shows everything.  It is fairly easy, just time consuming the first time.  I already expect it to go much smoother the second time around.

Here are a few reasons why I love this bag.  First, it’s handmade, which makes it super special. Second, you can make this from jeans you already have. I even got the patches off of other items in the house as well as from some of the jeans. Third, it’s super cute.  Fourth, It’s big and roomy and I can cram it full of stuff.  And, fifth, it is a really good gift idea for someone special.

You could make all kinds of revisions to this pattern and still come up with a super cute bag.  You could use some Ankara Fabric and use that as the outer fabric, which would make a nice bag, along with the lining fabric and a sturdy padding like used in the video.  If there is additional Fabric, you could make a cute head wrap  from the Ankara and be set for a really fun day.

This is not my first rodeo with the denim bag.  I made one a few years ago, which I still have and carry.  So when I make my new bag, it will be my third DIY denim bag, and I can’t wait to wear it with a cute spring maxi and some sandals.  If you missed my post on my first diy bag, here it is.  Sewzaizay Denim Bag DIY.

That’s a wrap for now, but I can’t wait to show you a new project, pattern, or DIY something.  Thank you for allowing me to share this Denim Tote with you. Leave a comment and please “Like” if you like.  I love sewing, and I love sharing my projects with you. Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so.  You can subscribe below.  Until next time, I will be making my life better, one project at a time, and I hope you do the same.   Thank you for your support.

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