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Update Your Old Couch. Refashion the Pillows for a New Look

DIY Couch Pillows

I have had this couch for about 18 years.  Yes, you heard me.  18 years, and it has served me very well.  It has been well-loved, and is a good piece of furniture, although it is now a tad bit dated.  The only thing I really don’t like about the couch is the color, which is dark brown.  If it were a different color, a brighter color, I would probably be satisfied with it a little longer and posting something different today.

I had been wanting to refashion the pillows for some time, and decided to attempt that project, now that spring is here.  So instead of getting rid of it, I will see what I can do to “make it better.”  Here are some pics of the couch the way it has looked for the past 18 years and the couch with the new pillows.

DIY Couch Pillows
My old couch with the old pillows.
DIY Couch Pillows
My New Couch with the new pillows!

I went to an upholstery and sewing machine shop here in town and purchased some fabric. I knew I wanted each cushion to be different but the back the same and I wanted the covers to have zippers, just in case I fell in love with the brown again and decided to return to it.  [hmmmm]  Anywho, I purchased 5 different fabrics and 4 zippers and went home to start putting everything together. I wanted something bolder than what I purchased.  Something more bohemian and loud, but settled for something that might match my current office/den.  Because of the zippered coverings, however, I can change them again, whenever I decide to put more thought into it and really get something bolder and brighter like I originally planned.  In the meantime, I will be satisfied with what my hands created, which is also good.

The fabric choices.

 My pillows are 25 x 25, and there are 4 of them.  Then there are two accent pillows that are 18 x 18.  The pillows came together rather quickly, and I literally had all of them done within a few hours.  I am very pleased with the outcome and I love how bright the room naturally looks.  I wish I had some sort of art on the walls behind the couch, but I have been so busy planning the perfect piece for that wall, that it has remained empty for quite some time.  The room looks and feels very open with the new pillows because of the light colors.

I will eventually recover the two seat cushions as well.  If I can’t find a fabric I like, or just get too lazy to tackle it, I will find some white slip covers and call it a day.  But it definitely needs a little more sprucing up.

DIY Couch Pillows
Move Bosco!

One of the many benefits of sewing, or any kind of DIY project, is the almost immediate reward of a finished project and an item that you can love for years to come.  This is a great example of such a project.  I could live with this look for a while.

What if I try and fail?  What if you try and succeed?




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  2. Thank you for your comments. The tree print is also my favorite as well. I wanted something really loud and bold but didn’t see what i wanted so I was a little tamer than I wanted to be. Next time though! Straight Boho and flamboyant.

  3. Leslie says:

    I love the couch pillows and how you put together the different prints but all with the same reverse side! Stylish and smart! My favorite print is the one with the trees. So beautiful! You know Bosco was dying to get on your comfy couch! 😆

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