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Knee Length Bohemian Skirt with 4 Prints

Diy Bohemian Skirt

Diy Bohemian Skirt

I started making this skirt well over a year ago, possibly a half ago or longer. I was cleaning out my summer clothes and putting my fall and winter clothes out, and I saw this “half finished” skirt in my sewing room. 

I put it in the “get rid of” pile, and then pulled it out and tried it on.  I thought, this is really cute.  Why am I getting rid of it?  So, I pulled it out of the pile.

When I made this, I stopped making it because I did not have enough fabric to finish it.  I intended to make it a full length skirt.  A maxi.  That’s why it laid around for so long.  After I pulled it out, I added one more row of a coordinating fabric, the yellow and white polka dot, and the length was perfect and I stopped at that length instead of going with my initial maxi length plan.  The inspiration behind this skirt was a maxi boho skirt I saw on  But that was some time ago, and I doubt they still have it, but have something similar all the time.

I used four different fabrics for this skirt, and they coordinated very well with each other, including the one I added at the last minute.  The fabrics don’t have to coordinate, but I do think they need to repeat at some point somewhere.   [Or maybe not]. I guess it’s a personal preference.

I would like to make this again. I think it is best to use a rayon or a crepe or a combination of both.  I used some crepe and some rayon on my skirt, and also a gauze.

I like anything bohemian, and this skirt is high on my list of diy projects. I am very happy with it.  It is basically a bunch of strips sewn together in different widths and lengths to make this totally awesome skirt.  Maybe I can create a diy post on this for those wanting to make this particular skirt or something similar to it.

Diy Bohemian Skirt


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