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Linen Series 2021 Part 3. The Blue Ruffled Skirt with Side Tie. Simplicity 8637

Blue Linen Ruffled Skirt

Hello Crafty Sisters and Brothers.  I see you out there making all of those beautiful clothes and accessories for your home.  I See You and I love it.  I just hope I am inspiring someone in some way to just get out there and make your stuff.  And if I am motivating anyone in any positive way, that would make me very very happy.

So, let’s get started on this Linen Series 2021 Part 3.  Today’s linen piece is a ruffled wrap skirt that features a full ruffle all the way around and a tie on both sides.  This is the skirt portion of Simplicity 8637.  Simplicity 8637  I did not want to make the dress because I had planned to make a different linen dress for my Linen Series.  I initially wanted to make a longer version of the wrap skirt I made previously but decided I wanted to make something a little different.  Although I love a wrap skirt and would have loved this fabric in a maxi wrap skirt, I wanted to try something different.  I posted the original wrap skirt on Facebook, when I first started posting my sewing makes.  That was about a year ago.

This pattern is a dress pattern with 4 variations, for sleeves, skirts, and lengths.  And maybe at some point, I will make the actual dress.  However, this time, I only wanted the skirt portion of the dress.  I made the skirt portion of C in a size 16.  I added a waistband that was about a 4 inch strip, folded over, and attached to the entire skirt.  I had to wing that part of it because, of course, this is not a skirt pattern.  I think it turned out well enough. I also could have just connected the two fronts and added an elastic waistband.  Either way would work.  You have some liberty in this regard.

I really like the length of this skirt as well.  Not a full length but longer than a midi.  It is hitting in the right area.  This skirt would be great with wedges, heels, or flats.  You choose!

If I had to talk about what I did not like about the pattern, it would be hemming the ruffle.  It was a beast.  Like Wrigley’s gum, long-lasting.  I thought I would never finish.   But, lo, I finally finished, and then after adding the waistband, I had this really fab linen ruffled skirt in this gorgeous color and gorgeous linen fabric.  I bought the fabric from Fabric Mart.  Here is a link to the specific fabric I used.   I have been using their linen for years and will continue to do so. I have never been disappointed.

Regarding fabric, this is a good opportunity for me to talk about linen fabric again. I recently ordered some linen fabric from a source other than my normal linen source listed earlier.  I have never been so disappointed in a fabric purchase.  It just sucks. I bought three pieces and I am speechless at the low quality, and it was not cheap.  My advice when buying linen fabric, is when you find a good source, or any good fabric source, stick with it.  And in this particular case, I will be hesitant to purchase linen online from this source again, no matter the description.  I have purchased denim from them before, but never linen.  The denim was great.  The line, meh!  Okay,  I said it. Back to the skirt.

I like the options I have when wearing this skirt.  I had some fabric leftover, so I made a tube top from the overflow linen.  I can wear that with the skirt, as shown below, or I can wear it with some really cute pants or shorts.  This skirt can be paired with a tank top, a t-shirt, a sleeveless button-down, or a cute blouse.  Endless possibilities ladies!!!

That’s a wrap for now on Linen Series 2021 Part 3.  I loved the color of this skirt, and the fit was perfect.  Thank you for allowing me to share this Linen Ruffled Skirt with you.  Leave a comment and please “Like” if you like.  I love sewing, and I love sharing my projects with you. Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so.  You can subscribe below.  Until next time, I will be making my life better, one project, and I hope you do the same.


If God be for us, who can be against us.  Romans 8:31



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