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Linen Series 2021 Part 5. Linen Mid-Length Belted Caftan Dress – Vogue 9253

Vogue 9253 Linen Dress

Welcome to Part 5 of my Linen Series 2021.  This a mid length belted caftan dress made in a beautiful natural linen.  This is Vogue 9253.  Here is the pattern.  I have made this dress before to wear to a local fashion show and it was one of my first blog posts.  If you missed that post, here it is.

So the decision to make this dress was just easy. I loved it when I made it before, and I love it now.  In the words of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, when I wear this dress, “I feel good!  I knew that I would now!”  I know, I’m a little nerdy.  

When I made this dress before, I used an ITY fabric.  And in that post, I mentioned that I would probably be making it again in linen.  That time is now.  The fabric was purchased from  This pattern has only two views, but it could also easily be made into a tunic as well.  I made View B the first time, so this time I made View A.  I used trim on the sleeves and neckline on the first make, but this time, I did not.  If I had decided to add some trim to the sleeves, I could have used a different fabric and added it to the sleeves neckline and possibly the hemline as well.  You could even use a different color linen for these same trims and belt.  You also have the option of using a ready made trim of various materials and colors for some drama.  Sometimes home trims can make really good accents on your handmade designs.  

When I made this dress before, I cut the XL, and it was a bit oversized. This time I cut the large and it was much better. The fit was perfect.  Like the first time, I skipped the zipper.  Not necessary as far as I am concerned, so I just left it out.  Overally, this is a good pattern and definitely one you want to keep around.  It sews up pretty quickly, and it is just a really nice dress.  Being able to customize it with different fabrics, multiple fabrics, or just keeping it plain and simple like I did here, is one of the many reasons this will be a dress I will continue to make.  You get a lot of bang for the buck with this pattern.  This dress is a classic.  

In parting, we are nearing the end of Linen Series 2021.   There will be one more post in this series, and then this first linen series will be concluded until next year.  I can’t wait to come up with some new makes for 2022.  But, until then, thank you for allowing me to share this part of the series with you.  If you like, then please click the “Like” button and if you want to leave a comment, I welcome it.  I love sewing and creating, and sharing my projects with you is a bonus.  Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so. You can subscribe below.  And if you believe someone else might enjoy, please share it with them.  Until next time, I will be making my life better, one project, at a time, and I hope you do the same.

Vogue 9253 Linen Dress

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