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Linen Series Part 6. Tiered Knee Length Linen Dress

McCalls M7848 Tiered dress

We are at the end of Linen Series 2021.  Just wanted to share my desire to do this type of post for about four years, and I am at the end of it now.  I wanted to do this series at the end of May, but the time got away from me, and I ended up doing it at the end of the summer instead of the beginning.  Maybe next year my timing will be a little bit better.  But overall, I am pleased with my first attempt.

I hope you have enjoyed the items I shared, and I would love some suggestions for Linen Series 2022, which I hope to have the pleasure of bringing to you next year, with all new pieces and some vibrant colors to boot.  I hope to add some more creativity to what I create next year as well.  Maybe I will add an accessory or a home project for my next Linen Series.  Wish me luck in putting that together.

About the pattern.

Now, let’s talk about this final addition.  This is McCalls M7948.  Here is the pattern.  McCalls M7948  This is the final post on this series.  As Part 6 of Linen Series 2021, I made this classic black tiered knee length dress.  The fabric was purchased from I cut View B Size 18.  The pattern gives you a choice of 4 different dresses with sleeve variations.  Two of the dress has tiers and two have pleats.  This dress is perfect for church, or a night out with the husband or boyfriend.  Okay, manfriend.  It’s also a great dress for work if you work in a traditional corporate environment and just want to dress up.  Which I always do.  I love a tiered dress, and I particularly like the length of this dress.  I also like that it can be easily modified if you wanted to make the third tier longer or shorter.  

What I like about this dress/pattern.

I love any dress or top that is tiered.  And depending on the fabric, the tiering makes for beautiful bohemian style clothing, which I really like.  Other than the tiering, and the length of course, I also like the sleeves.  The lower part of the sleeves are belled, and I like the look.  I also like that you can make your own coordinating belt to go with the dress, made from the same fabric or a different color.  You could also wear a coordinating ready-to-wear belt, like I did.  I love belts, so my choices are just endless in this regard, and you can match the belt with the shoes.  

What I don’t like about this dress/pattern.   

Are you kidding me right now.  I have nothing negative to say about this dress.  And even though I hate gathering, because it is such a tedious task, it’s worth it for this outcome.  I love this pattern.  It’s easy.  It’s cute.  It’s feminine.  It fits. What’s not to love.  And if you like this particular style of dress, you will love this pattern too.  


I did not make any modifications on this dress.  For a first time sew, it’s perfect the way it.  However, some possible modifications include making a longer bell sleeve, or leaving the bell part of the sleeve off completely. You could also make big ruffled sleeves, like 10 inches or more.  You could also modify the skirt by adding another tier, or making the second tier longer or shorter.  You also have an array of fabric choices for this dress including a ponte knit for fall/winter.  

That’s it for now, we have reached the end of my first Linen Series, and the pleasure has been all mine.  I can’t wait to come up with some new makes for 2022.  But, until then, thank you for allowing me to share this series with you.  If you like what you see on, please click the “Like” button and subscribe.  I love sewing and creating, and sharing my projects with you is a bonus.  Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so. You can subscribe below.  And if you believe someone else might enjoy, please share it with them.  I appreciate your support.  Until next time, I will be making my life better, one project at a time, and I hope you do the same.

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