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Maxi Length Sweater Cardigan

Long Navy Sweater Cardigan

Long Navy Sweater Cardigan

I started this long cardigan years ago but never finished it.  Leaving the hem  to be finished and the collar.  Honestly, I just made it entirely too big initially, and just threw it over in a bin to sit and stew for a while.  I’m a Gemini.  So we always have too many things going at any given time.  It’s just who we are.  Anywho, while digging, I saw it, put it on, and just loved it.  That’s when I decided to just finish it so that I can finally wear it.

I don’t believe I used a specific pattern for this one. I think it may have been a trace off of something I already had [ready to wear] and I added some length and too much room everywhere else.

I purchased the fabric from Joann’s a couple of years ago, along with some other similar fabric that I tried to make a sweater from, and just ended up throwing it out.  It just didn’t work out.   But the fabric is really perfect for this cardigan.  Just perfect.  So, even though the cardi fit, it was just too big and too oversized.  So, I took some off the back seam, well, a lot out of the back seam.  Then I turned the front panels in a few inches to look like it had an attached facing.  Then I hemmed it up on the bottom.  The result was a more slim fitting cardigan and the fit was way better than the one I had before.  I love the fit now.  I can’t even believe I made it as big as I did before.  What was I thinking?

Not only can this style be made with so many different fabrics, including almost any knit, and even a woven fabric, but it can be styled so many different ways.  I wore it with some jeans and a tank but it can be worn with a bodycon skirt, a bodycon dress, a dress, or some leggings.  Too many options for this really cute cardigan.  And it’s perfect for fall, just the right length, and the right weight.  It’s perfect for layering.  It would also be really cute belted with a matching beanie or scarf.  Two great DIY projects!  I didn’t have any more of this fabric, but those would be great accessories for this cardigan.

This was so easy to make.  It was basically 2 fronts, 2 backs and 2 sleeves.  No cuffs.  I just turned everything under, the collars, the hem, and the fronts and just stitched it.  If I make it again, and of course I will, I will include pockets.  Probably at the seams.

Long Navy Sweater Cardigan

I really enjoyed digging this out and “making it better” and I loved sharing it with you.  Thank you for allowing me to share.  I want to hear from you.  What do you think of this make.  Do you like this style?  Let me know what you think?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. Zonetta says:

    Sooo beautiful- love the look and style. Definitely speaks COMFORT 😊

  2. Leslie says:


    1. Thank you Leslie.

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