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Mimi G Simplicity Pattern S9268 with Modifications

Simplicity S9268 Top and High Waisted Joggers

This is a Mimi G pattern from Simplicity.  I love her and have been following her for years.  I remember when she started and would love to meet her one day.  I love watching her on her blog and instagram.  She is an inspiration to me.

Okay, so let’s get into this pattern.  This is Simplicity Pattern S9268.  Here is a link to the pattern.  Simplicity S9268.  I made the top and the pants, but I had to make some revisions to the top.  So this pattern was very time-consuming, but I am not surprised by that because of the elastic in the top, waist of pants, and the legs of the pants.  Not just one piece of elastic, but 3 on each leg, 3 in the waist, and 2 in the top.  [I only used 1 in the top. ]  Having said that, I actually like the look of the elastic in the pants and the top, and have made a dress with this same type of elastic weaving in a sundress I made.  Here is the post if you missed it.  Here and here.  Here and Here.  In this sundress, I had several rows of elastic to insert into the bodice of the dress.  Like the dress, it was very time-consuming, but the work was worth it with these amazing pants.  This is a very good pattern and I will be making another pair of pants immediately.

So I used an ITYI knit for my pants and top.  Let’s talk about the top first.  I quickly realized I could not wear this top as designed.  So I had to make some revisions to make it more age appropriate for me.  I ended up adding a ruffle around the front and back of the top, and I l left off the necktie.  I actually used the necktie on the pants as a faux tie front instead, which I thought looked really good.  I believe if I had made this with a 3 tiered bohemian skirt, the top probably would have worked for me.  However, I like the top I made, and I love a strapless top or dress.  Super sexy, whether dressed up or down.  I have many options with this top regarding fabric, and because of the style of the top, you could easily make it a fall/winter top depending on the fabric.   I paired this with a pair of jeans, but it would look super cute with some jean shorts.  I can’t wait to pair that together.

Because the top on this pattern shows the stomach, I thought just adding some length to the bottom might make it okay for me.  However, as I got into making the top, I realized that adding some length to the pattern was not quite enough to make me feel comfortable, so I added a long ruffle to cover my bottom and some of my stomach.  That works for me.  I also left off the tie front, and used elastic in the top of the top.  I used the tie string on the pants.  I also made a hair wrap to go with the pants and top.  Basically cutting it a certain length and width to make it go around this big head of mine a couple of times.  They look good together and adding the wrap was a plus because I can also wear it with the pants, or even with something completely different.

I did not get the gather in the pants that I wanted, but that is my fault because I cut a smaller size without really looking at the pattern.  If I had really looked at the pattern better, and saw the gathers in the front, I would have cut a larger size.  Normally in Simplicity, I take a 16-18 or 20.  But I cut a size 16 for these pants and the top, so I have a more fitted pant than I would have wanted.  For that reason, I will make them again. But I love these pants, even in the size I cut them in.  They are phenomenal.

You can clearly see that because of the color and the print on this fabric, they definitely DO NOT work together.  Trust me, I tried.  It’s just  So, I definitely need to wear them separately.  I wore the pants with a printed white/black polka dot top and also with a black/white polka dot shirt.  I know the fabrics are conflicting, but that is what I like about the look.  When I went out, I actually wore the pants and the white/black top together. I really like this combo.


I plan on blogging what I am calling my Linen Series 2021.  In that series, I will make several linen garments in different colors and blog those pieces.  Linen is one of my favorite fabrics, and I can’t wait to bring that series to life.  In closing, I want to thank you for letting me have some of your time today.  If you like what you see on my spot, please subscribe, and if you Like, then click Like below and leave a comment. I love reading your comments.  In the meantime, Make life better, one project at a time.

Where are you in life?  Are you happy there? 

What can you change to get a better outcome?


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