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Modern Crochet. The Belladere Bobble Pillow

Belladere Bobble Pillow
Belladere Bobble Pillow
Finished Pillow

This is the Belladere Bobble Pillow.  I received the book DeBrosse Modern Crochet by Teresa Carter as a gift.  Modern Crochet.  This book was given to me as a Christmas gift in 2019 from someone on my job. 

The book has great patterns.  I immediately made the headband on page 53 when the book was given to me; but I have been wanting to make something else from the book, so I decided to make the Belladere Bobble Pillow on page 62.

The pattern was very simple and the instructions were well written.  There were also instructions on how to make the bobble stitch, which is the bulk of the pillow front. The back side of the pillow was single crochet for the most part.  I used a size I hook and some yarn I got from Hobby Lobby. I Love this Yarn is the brand in a neutral shade.

Below is a picture of a pillow I had from Pottery Barn that I decided to use as the form for my pillow as opposed to buying a new one.  However, this one was too big, so I had to take about 4 inches off the top.  It was a feather pillow and when I say it was absolutely stuffed with feathers, I really mean it.  I had almost a whole bag of feathers just from cutting about 1/5th from the pillow.  Feathers were everywhere.  Poor ducks or whatever birds’ feathers they used.

The second picture shows some stitch holders I used when I connected the front and back together. The back piece had more stitches at the top than the front with the bobble stitches.  The stitch holders made it easy to make sure I was not connecting too many stitches and come up very short in the end.

I plan to use this pillow in the living room on the recliner for now, but ultimately in my sewing room once I get things organized, AGAIN. I love it.  It turned out fantastic.  Initially I had planned to replace the three pillows on the couch with this pillow, but after completing one pillow, I decided I was not willing to make three of them.  Too much work.  That bobble stitch is beautiful but can be too when you are talking about three pillows.

My final thoughts on the book and the pillow.  I like the book and it is full of great projects that would make beautiful gifts for others and great projects for you.  The book itself was a great gift for me and would be a good gift for anyone who loves to crochet.  The more resources, the better.  And the pillow . . . . well, the finished project speaks for itself, don’t you think?

Belladere Bobble Pillow

I will slow down and take the time to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.   

Day 19, The Rude Tongue, Taming Your Tongue by Deborah Smith Pegues 

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  2. Leslie says:

    I love this pillow! It looks like a stylish, comfy cloud and makes me want to drive all the way to your place for a nice, long nap with it! I love your style!

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