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Oversized Cotton Tunic with Drawstring Sleeves and Front

Oversized Cotton Tee with Drawstring Front and Sleeves

I rarely shop for clothing, although I love to go and look in the stores and boutiques to see what’s trending and to get some inspiration for my at home sewing projects and my own wardrobe.  Most of the stuff in the stores, I can make myself, although it is not always the most economical choice.   But then again, who said sewing your own clothes was about economics.  Sewing itself is not always more economical than buying.  Only someone who does not sew would ever think that.  In many cases, it can be more expensive to make something than buy it, but, I digress.

So, while out “shopping”, I noticed quite a few drawstring pieces.  Mostly tops, but I remember seeing some dresses as well as some shorts.  As the Word says, there is nothing new under the sun, and the drawstring clothing is no exception. I remember this trend well about 20 or 25 years ago [or longer], when I had everything drawstring you could name, especially the t-shirt dresses, like the one pictured here on my “Inspired to Create” page on Pinterest.  Whenever I see something I think I might want to make, I pin it to this page.  I intend to make this dress/tunic in the very near future, but the drawstring oversized tee I am posting today was inspired by this cutie.

I drafted me a quick pattern, which I will lengthen to make the tunic/dress I saw at and pinned to my Pinterest page.  (see above link).  I am just looking for the right fabric.  But just like then, when the drawstring clothes were all the rage, I really like everything I am seeing.  Especially the t-shirts and tunics.  Ps.  The fabric for this tee came from Walmart.  It was a 2 yards for $4.00 purchase, and I think it is a really great fabric.  If you are not already doing so, check out the clearance fabric at Wal-Mart.  I get some pretty decent cuts from there and this is one of them.

After I drafted a quick tunic pattern,  Basically rectangles for the front and back, and then I trimmed out a neckline for the front and back. I added a sleeve band, and a neckband to the tee. I added drawstring to the front and the sleeves, before adding the neckband.  You can see some constructions pictures below.

I also added a heart to the back of the tee.  Just to keep it from being too plain.  See this pic below.  I had to try a few things out before deciding on the back.  I did not take any pictures showing the back of the tee, because my backside is not my best side.  Well, it depends on who you ask.

What can I say?  I really like the way this turned out.  I love the oversized feel of it. I wore mine with some gray jeans and wedges, but some leggings, in just about any color would be super cute as well.  You could also wear it with sneaks or flat sandals.  I could make up a ton of these and be the happiest girl on the block.

One of my next projects  will be a long version of this tee.  Maybe I will bring in the sides a little and make it a little more fitted, but we will see.  I just want to make something I will really enjoy wearing for years to come, and I think this in a longer version is that something.

That’s a wrap for now, but I can’t wait to show you a new project, pattern, or DIY something.  Thank you for allowing me to share this oversized drawstring tee with you. Leave a comment and please “Like” if you like.  I love sewing, and I love sharing my projects with you. Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so.  You can subscribe below.

Make it a great day, and Make life better, one project at a time, for yourself and someone else.  I want to hear from you. Let me know what you think.


Where are you on those goals for this year?  Half the year is almost gone, what have you accomplished from that list?  What do you need to work on next?


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