DIY A-Line Knit Max Dress
DIY Fashion Sewing

A-Line Knit Maxi Dress (Classic)

I don’t know who truly invented the maxi dress, but I am so grateful for them.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  You are a genius.  Now, I know they have credited a designer with this fashion invention, but come on.  That’s like saying I invented the maxi dress, just because I made a maxi dress.  There’s …

Simplicity S8790

Simplicicty S8790 Knit Dress with Hoodie and Elastic Waist

This look was motivated by my lack of the need to dress up anymore because of my current employment status.  I really miss going to work every day, but I realize that is my current situation, and I will accept the reality right now.  In the meantime, I will sew with the time I have to do so, and enjoy …

Wrap Maxi Dress
DIY Fashion Sewing

Valentine’s Day Red Wrap Maxi Dress

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope you get all the love you deserve and desire today, with some left over to share with others. Jallah and I celebrated Love Day yesterday, and I wore this super adorable maxi wrap dress I copied from a wrap dress I bought from the boutique.  That’s my name for thrift.  So, let’s get into this …

Oversized Bag from Old Jeans
DIY Fashion Sewing

Oversized Denim Bag UpCycled From Old Jeans

If you have some old jeans laying around the house that you can no longer fit into, don’t like, or just never wear anymore, why not recycle them into this really cute oversized bag.  I made this denim bag from a few pair of old jeans and an old denim dress I bought from the Boutique [That’s my name for …

Granny Square Poncho
crochet DIY Fashion Sewing

Easy DIY Granny Square Poncho

  I saw this really cute granny square poncho on Pinterest and my sister and I decided to try to make one.  We bought the yarn and started making our granny squares.  She had not crocheted in over 30 years, and still has a beautiful stitch.  To date, however, my sister is not finished with her poncho, although she has …

McCalls M7742
DIY Fashion Sewing

McCalls M7742 African Print Knee Length Tunic/Dress

African Print Knee Length CaftanThis is McCall’s M7742.  Here is the pattern McCalls M7742 .  Okay, so even though this is clearly a dress, it did not turn out to be a dress for me.  To me, it was too short for a dress.  But, if I were younger, it probably would be a dress.  For me, this is more …

Simplicity S8925 Wrap Dress
DIY Fashion Sewing

Simplicity S8925 Velvet Knee Length Wrap Dress

Even though the Christmas holiday is over, there is still plenty of time and hopefully opportunities to wear velvet.  I love velvet and mentioned as much when I posted my velvet tunic a few months ago.  If you missed that post, here it is. Velvet is a fabulous fabric and just makes everything royal, including this super cute wrap …

Easy Crochet Hat
crochet DIY easy

Super Easy Ribbed Crochet Hat from Jonna Martinez

So, it’s starting to get a little chilly outside, and even though I am indoors most days, on those occasions when I have to weather the wind and cold, I like to have on a hat and some gloves.   I have a few hats already, but wanted to make some hats to add to my collection.  Hence, this super cute …


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Before this year ends, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.  This is my first year as a blogger, and I am excited about that.  Thank you for sharing this awesome journey with me.  This has been a very strange, stressful, and challenging year for most of us, but somehow we have made …

DIY Cargo Pants
DIY Fashion Self Drafted Pattern Sewing

DIY Cargo Pants with Elastic Waist and Leg

Who doesn’t love a good cargo pant?  I  have several pair of cargo pants that I have had for more than ten years. I have worn them often and they are starting to get a little worn out.  I drafted these pants from an old pattern I previously drafted for some wide leg linen pants, with some adjustments, of course. …

DIY Fashion Sewing

Butterick B5955 Oversized Black Velvet Tunic

This is a pattern I have had for a very long time and have made many times.  Every time I have ever made this tunic, I was pleased. Butterick B5955.  I bought this velvet fabric from Joann’s a couple of years ago and it was definitely a good choice for this pattern.  I love velvet and this is the season …