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I made some pillows for my husband for his ugly couch before he became my husband.  Luckily, when we got a place together, these pillows worked for our couch too.  So, basically, we have been using these pillows for about 5 years and at this point, they are a little too loved, and too used, and just needed to be replaced.

I had some really great fabric I purchased from Joann’s last year, and though I purchased it for something else, apparel, I decided it would be really good for this particular project.  I also wanted to use elements of the previous pillows for the new pillows because I really liked the feathers, which is a place mat.  This is a project I have been wanting to do for some time.  Every time I walked through the living room and looked at my pillows, my mental space was disturbed.  And you know I go through the living room all day so my mental space has been disturbed for some time.  Finally, I can get some rest from this particular disturbance.

So, let’s talk about the old pillows first. The pillows are 18 x 18.  As you can see from the first picture, the couch looks okay with no pillows, but thank God for pillows and decoration.  Below are pics of the front and back of the old pillows.  These worked very well with Jallah’s old ugly couch, especially the back of them because I used an African print to make it feel more masculine for him.  I used 2 different fabrics and some placemats I bought from Target on Clearance.  The feathers is the placemat.  They looked good on his couch.  As you can see in the pictures below, the couch looks good by itself.  However, with some accent pillows it looks much better.  Making pillows and decorating is one of the benefits of sewing and making the space your own.  I love this couch. But I like it better with some deco!

So, the pillows came together quickly.  You have a couple of choices when closing the pillow.  The first time I made the pillows, I just sewed up the two sides after I stuffed the form inside. However, this time I wanted to add a zipper because adding a zipper would give me the option of washing the pillow cases when they get dirty.  I am glad I chose the zipper option because I believe they are better this way.  I did however, put the zipper at the very top of the pillow [or the bottom depending on how you place them] and this was a mistake.  See above.  I should have placed the zipper about an inch or two down on one side as opposed to at the top to both sides.  This was a learning curve, but I will definitely remember this when I make more pillows.  I will leave them they way they are for now.  Below are pics of the finished pillows, front and back.

Here’s the bottom line.  I love them.  They look great on the sofa and I was able to keep a portion of the old pillow that I liked.  This was also a very simple upgrade and a very easy diy.  It was a long overdue project and I am very pleased with the outcome.  Next, I will make a set of pillow covers that I can use to change these out after the spring/summer season is over.  Have  you made any pillows or upgraded your living space with new fabrics?  How did it make you feel when the project was done?

As always, thank you for sharing some of your time with me today.  Please leave a comment below. I love reading them.  If you have not already subscribed, consider doing so.  You can subscribe below at the end of this post. Until next time, keep making life better, one project at a time.

You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t make any. 

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  2. I really like the pillows. Would you consider making other people’s pillows and pillows of different sizes?

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