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Simplicity S8911 Knit Full Length Caftan

Simplicity S8911 Animal Print Knit Caftan

I am obsessed!  I purchased this pattern last year, and have already made it four times.  Three times for myself and once for my sister.  I posted it on Facebook this year, but I thought it was such a great and easy make, it was worth a repeat here.

Simplicity S8911 Animal Print Knit Caftan

The pattern is Simplicity S8911.  It’s just a simple, easy to assemble caftan.  Super easy to sew but you get so much bang for your buck on this.  I believe it was 4 pieces.  It sews up very quickly, and is just fabulous!  A caftan can be made different lengths and in many different fabrics.  You could even use a woven fabric to make a caftan.  You won’t get the flow, but it would still be pretty cute.  And it’s so versatile.  It can be worn through all seasons, depending on the fabric.  Just a super piece.

I believe this fabric was purchased from Joann’s.  I purchased extra, because I plan to make a pair of drop crotch pants.  I will post when I get them done. It is a light weight jersey knit with lots of stretch.    I believe I cut a large in this, but could have easily cut a medium because of the stretch in the fabric.  It is a very roomy and very comfortable garment.

This would be a great sew for a beginner, and the pattern has some versatility if you wanted to make some changes.  You can also wear off the shoulders if you want, and if super daring, could even wear it strapless, if you tuck in the sleeves.  Maybe you could even use the sleeves as a front or back tie.  Haven’t tried it, but I think it might work.

I feel royal in this caftan/dress.  I get numerous compliments when I wear it.  It’s so flowy and so feminine and I would even use the word bold to describe it.  It’s all that!  It’s “gawjuss” as my friend Jacquerian often says.  I have worn this to work, and even wore one made specifically when helping to host a baby shower. That was a pink one.  I will post pictures of all in this post.  But for right now, I will concentrate on this one, my favorite.

What makes this one my favorite?  Well, let’s see.  The fabric, for sure.  The length, and the flexibility with accessory choices.  I like the earthiness of the print and belted with a wide belt feels like Mother Earth!

Here are the pictures of the previous makes.  The first one is the one I wore to the baby shower about a year ago. And next to it are pictures of the printed one.  I also want to note that after making this the first two times [below] I changed the neck for the African print caftan, and added some elastic for a smaller neckline.

Below are some pics where I first posted it on my Facebook.

Try to try and try again.  

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  1. […] I wore this dress to the hat tea and absolutely love it. I love the length and the flow and the fabric. It is a perfect dress and the pattern is great as well.  It is a pattern that you can really get creative with, by changing the fabric to a funkier print, or keeping it simple and classic with a basic black jersey knit and going nuts with accessories.  What I liked best about the pattern is my modification on the belt.  I love the wide belt, which can be tucked, or if you are adventurous, sewn onto the dress.  I also like the angles on the sides of the skirt.  It reminds me of these Simplicity makes I posted on my blog a few years ago.  They are very similar.  Check it out here.  Simplicity 8911 […]

  2. Leslie says:

    You absolutely look like a goddess in this caftan! It’s beautiful and your pictures are stunning!

    1. Thank you so much. I love this caftan. Such a mood booster.

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