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Simplicity S8925 Velvet Knee Length Wrap Dress

Simplicity S8925 Wrap Dress

Even though the Christmas holiday is over, there is still plenty of time and hopefully opportunities to wear velvet.  I love velvet and mentioned as much when I posted my velvet tunic a few months ago.  If you missed that post, here it is. Velvet is a fabulous fabric and just makes everything royal, including this super cute wrap dress I made from Simplicity S8925. Here’s the link to the pattern,  Simplicity S8925.

I initially made this dress for Christmas, but because we were staying at home, I opted for something more casual.  What can I say?  This wrap dress is just the simple elegance it was meant to be.  Every wrap dress for me is a plus, because it accommodates almost any body.

About the Pattern.

This pattern gives you 4 options:  A dress, a top, skirt, and a pair of pants.  I bought it for the dress and the top.  I had to cut 7 pieces.  I cut a size large. I made view A in a beautiful pink velvet fabric I purchased from Hobby Lobby on mega sale.  I think it may have been about $5.00 a yard and I purchased it in 2020.  My husband insists the dress looks red, and so did my sister.  However, once it was photographed, it was clear it was in the pink family.  The wrap dress was easy to come together and would be good for a beginner wanting to amp it up a bit.  The construction was simple enough.  The end result was better than I expected and  I am very happy with the results.

What’s not to like about this pattern?  It’s a wrap dress!  I like everything about it.  I like that the sleeves and the bodice pieces were one piece.  Sometimes these pieces are separate and thus there is more construction involved.  I also love the slight dolma sleeves which can be made longer if desired.  The length is great and can be adjusted to fit your taste as well.  It was perfect for me.  I did not make any changes to this pattern.  It’s perfect just the way it is.

I have not had an opportunity to wear this dress yet, except for the shoot. When I do wear it, I will likely wear it with a pair of boots, depending on the weather, and the earrings I wore with it, will be worn again.  They paired very well together.  See the pics at the top of the post for the earrings.



That’s a wrap for now, but I can’t wait to show you a new project, pattern, or DIY something.  Thank you for allowing me to share this wrap dress with you. Leave a comment and please “Like” if you like.  I love sewing, and I love sharing my projects with you. Also, if you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so.  You can subscribe below.  Make it a great day, and Make life better, one project at a time.


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  1. Leslie says:

    I caught my breath when I saw this dress! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day dress! I love it so much! The color is fabulous and the fit is flattering! Another awesome creation! ❤️

    1. Thank you Leslie. You are right, it would be perfect for Valentines Day. As always, I appreciate your comments.

  2. jallah zaizay says:

    I always thought u would do it n u are proving it

    1. Thank you Jallah!

  3. Love the wrap dress and the cranberry-pink color with the B&W polka dot shoes!!!

    1. Thanks Debbie!

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