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Simplicity S8989 Knee Length Jacket with Drawstring Waist

Simplicity S8989 Knee Length Jacket with Drawstring Waist/

Simplicity S8989 Knee Length Jacket with Drawstring Waist

When I put this jacket on after making it, I was like, Yesssssssssss!  This is Simplicity S8989.  Here’s the pattern  Simplicity S8989

I cut a size Large and View C with sleeves.  I used a linen blend fabric, but I can’t remember where I purchased it because I have had it for a while.  I had already made this jacket in a medium weight knit and it turned out really great even then.  That jacket was off white and it was super nice.  That was a shorter version of this jacket, View B.

I believe this is a good pattern even for beginners wanting to increase their skills a little.

What I like most about this pattern is everything.  The drawstring waist, the collar, and the pockets in the front of the jacket.  It is really cute and I like the length as well.  When I put my hands in the pocket as I am wearing this jacket, it just makes me feel good.  It looks really good with the leggings, but would also look good with jeggings and jeans.  Some white jeggings would be a great look with this jacket.  It could be dressed up or down.  Just a stylish look either way, and it is roomy enough to be worn with something under it, like a light sweater, a long sleeve henley or tee, or even a button down shirt.  This jacket is probably better for early spring or fall depending on the color and/or fabric.  But in either case it is a really great jacket/coat and worth the make for sure.  Plus, did I mention how comfortable it is.  Well, it is very comfortable.  I could easily wear it all day and honestly, be comfortable all day.

Bottom line, I enjoyed making this.  To the degree of making it twice.  It’s just a classic look that will be stylish for years to come.  Have you made this jacket?  Is it a style you would like?  I would love to hear your comments.  If you like the posts you are seeing on, please subscribe.  Until next time, Let’s make life better, one project at a time.


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  1. Thank you Leslie.

  2. Leslie says:

    I love the color of the S8989 jacket!

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