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Simplicity S9176 Zippered Mid Length Fit and Flare Belted Dress

Simplicity S9176 MidLength Long Sleeve Dress


Simplicity S9176 MidLength Long Sleeve Dress

This is Simplicity S9176 .  When I first purchased this pattern, I thought, this is too much like Simplicity S9175 . But actually, they are different and I am glad I made this.  I love this dress.

I purchased the fabric for this from Nick of Time Textiles.   Here is the link.  Nick of Time Textiles.  It is a gray ponte knit.  The fabric is really nice and the drape is perfect.  It was a really good fabric for this particular dress.

The pattern was fairly direct.  I did have a time with the back zipper because of the collar, and the cuffs were a little time consuming but everything worked out okay.  The only modification I made was adding the bows to the sleeves.  I just wore it with some black pumps, but you could easily wear it with boots.  And you could change the belt from the one I made as part of the pattern to one that you already have in your closet.  (See the pictures of the different belts below).  There are too many choices in this area.  I love the length of this dress. Just a classy dress and if you go bold with the fabric, it would be even better.

When I put this dress on, I was like, “Yesss!”  Somebody needs to take me to church!   I felt like I was getting all dressed up for Sunday service, something I have not done for some time.  I miss going to church, and when I do, I will be wearing this dress.  This dress would also make a really great first interview dress, and also a work dress after you get the job.  Calling things as though they were for somebody out there.

Simplicity S9176 MidLength Long Sleeve Dress

New Year’s Resolution.  I will not buy any more fabric until I have used all of the fabric I already have.  . . . or until they have another sale.  

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  1. jallah zaizay says:

    Girl do your thing because u are good at it.

    1. Thank you Jallah!

  2. Michael Butler says:

    O.k.sharon..amother great creation..this is dressy but yet casual with a vintage flair i love it and you wear it well..keep up the good work…as he would say..Blog on my friend😜😜😜

    1. Thank you Mike. I appreciate your positive comments and your support.

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