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Super Easy Accent Pillows from an Inexpensive Throw Rug

Accent Pillows from Rug
Pillows Made from an Accent Rug

I found a cute little accent rug from an overstock store for $11.95. I thought it was pretty cute, but when I saw it, I immediately thought of our current accent pillows in our bedroom which were cute at one point, but have certainly seen better days. I knew this rug would make some great pillows. The rug was not big enough to use it for a front and back. So, I decided to use the rug as the front of the pillows and use a curtain I had purchased previously as the back of the pillows. Which ultimately made the pillows, kinda sorta, reversible.

Old Pillows Made New Again.

Here is a picture of the old accent pillows. I have had them for years. I bought them from TJMaxx years ago. More than 7 years ago, and they have served me well. Anyhow, after much love, it was time for a makeover of these pillows. The pillow form was in great condition, it was just the sham itself that needed to be replaced. It was ripped and dirty and just worn out.

This is the curtain I used for the back. I was using it as a throw at the bottom of the bed for my kitty Cinders.

Curtain for back of Accent Pillows
Curtain used as the back of the pillows.

These pillows were so easy to make and a perfect project for a beginner. I just cut two pieces [20 x 20] from the accent rug, and two pieces, same size from the curtain I used for the back of the pillows. (See above pic). I serged everything because the rug and the curtain both frayed terribly. Especially the rug. Then I just put them right sides together, and sewed three sides, leaving the bottom open. I put the pillow form in the casing, and then pushed it all the way down leaving room for me to pin the bottom of the casing and sew it up. Easy peasy.

Cut the Front and Back of Fabric the size of your pillow form. Mine was 20 inches.


Accent Pillows from Rug

Thank you for allowing me to share my project with you. Please come back and see me. Let’s make our lives beautiful, better, and more useful, one project at a time.

I care about where I spend my time.

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