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The Sewing Workshop Pattern . Modified Eureka Top

Modified Eureka Top


Okay, so I think I already said before, I love a good tunic.  This is just one of many that I plan to make for myself.  I made this top for myself and my sister a couple of years ago and I think it is great just as it is.  Here is the pattern. The Sewing Workshop. Eureka Top & Skirt However, I purchased some fabric from WalMart that was on clearance, and this is one of those 2 yard bundles.

I cut the size M, which is a 12-14.  Because I had made it before, and because of the fabric, (which I love by the way) I wanted more of it in the top.  It was too good of a fabric to not make it a bigger top.  So, I made some changes to it.  First, I wanted a tunic. The Eureka top, is a short top, that stops right at the hip.  When I made it previously, I used a black ponte knit, and wore a white sleeveless button down shirt with it, which was a good look.

Back to modifications.  So, I added about 6 inches to the hem, to make it tunic length.  I also added two pockets to the front (8×6), with a 1.5 inch cuff.  You never know when you might need one.  [smile]  I also added about 6 inches to the sleeves.  I also added another 1/2 inch to the sides.  Front and Back.

This is the only Sewing Workshop pattern that I have.   This is an excellent beginner pattern. Basically 5 pieces.  Front, Back, Neck band and Sleeve bands.  Very simple, Very quick.  I love how quickly it sews up.  You could literally sew this up in an hour.  One and half hours at the most.  I strongly recommend this pattern, especially if you are just starting out.  This is also a good pattern to experiment with modifications.  Easy to design and manipulate.  You could easily add length and make a dress, mini, midi or maxi.  With or without splits.  This pattern made me remember one of the reasons why I love sewing.  Because I can make clothes that I like, even if it’s the same thing, over and over again.

Bottom line, two things that I love.  Super Cute and Super Easy.

Make what you like.  When you like.  How you like.


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  1. Michael Butler says:

    Sharon…im so glad u decided to become a blogger..this is so you..your description of the garments are so on point.again you have made a wonderful garment.

    1. Thank you Mike!!! I really appreciate your comments and support.

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