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Vogue V9112 Marcy Tilton Pullover Asymmetric Dress/Tunic

Vogue 9112 Marcy Tilton Dress

This cute dress is Vogue 9112

This is a Marcy Tilton pattern, a designer whom I like.  I have had this pattern for a long time and decided to go ahead and take the plunge and make it.  I have tried Vogue patterns many times over the years, and honestly they are not my favorite.  Vogue can be too extra and they did not disappoint with this pattern either.  Just too much, really.  I’m sorry Vogue.  But it’s true.

Anywho, let’s talk about what I like about the pattern.  I like the overall look of the finished dress and the comfort.  The collar is what did it for me as well as the length, although I could not create the collar the correct way for this dress.  What I did not like about the pattern, and bordering on hate, was all the freaking pieces I had to cut and put together.  Just entirely  When I saw that all of the pieces were one cut pieces, I almost flipped out.  I was complaining big time, but the decision to make the dress was mine and mine alone, so I had a choice in the matter.  And the bottom line is I am still glad I made it.

I had to revise the neck of my dress.  Because of the drape of the fabric I used, I had to change the neck altogether. When I finished the dress, and put it on, the neck was a floppy contorted mess.  So, I had to remove it, which was quite the task in itself and replace it with simple binding.  I think I need to make this dress again for two reasons.  One, I really like it and felt so good while wearing it; and two, I want to make it the right way, the way it was intended, and with the right kind of fabric.  The fabric I chose was not right for this dress.  Needed something sturdier.  When I make it again, of course, I will post.

What’s the bottom line.   I like the dress. I would make the dress again, even though I don’t particularly like Vogue.  Perhaps if I was a professional seamstress, I would feel differently.  But for now, I can leave a Vogue pattern.


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  2. Hey, I like the lesson you learned: even when we do something we don’t like, we can find ways to improve it. I like the dress on you though.

  3. jallah zaizay says:

    Your sewing are very great n continue the courage

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