Welcome to SewZaizay.com!  I’m glad you are here.  I have always been a crafty person, always fixing this, painting that, crocheting, drawing, decorating, etc.  Always trying to make it or make it better. I bought a sewing machine more than 19 years ago to make my daughter a costume. She was in kindergarten.  She was a hippopotamus, and there were no hippo costumes to be found.  So, I decided to just buy a sewing machine and make one.  The costume turned out well, and years later I made her other costumes.  I made a few items over the years, but it was random, and my Singer sewing machine sat in the corner for years.

About six years ago, I picked it up and decided to try my hand at sewing again, and I have discovered that I love to sew and it has become a passion.  Since that time I have tried many sewing patterns and projects.  Some successful. Some not so much.  

The purpose of this blog is simple.  I hope to inspire you to blow the dust off that old sewing machine and get moving.  Let’s make something beautiful, useful or better, one project at a time.

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